a. Addapting the structure and spaces in it  to the people, their needs and lifestyle.
b. Spaces and places should be open and accessible without compromising privacy.
c. Light and air movement should be treated with great care.
d. The structure should make a statement,for example: diagonal lines, interessing openings or other elements of discovery.
e. Traffic patterns and organic transitions and vertical movement should flow seamlessly. Rhythm should be well balanced.
f. There should be a contineus dialoge between the different volumes at the site. Different functioning spaces should relate to each other.
g. The design language should be clear , minimal, functional and should include beautiful accessories.
h. Creating harmony and well coordinate color schem in order to acheive pleasant and inviting atmosphere.
i. We love to use plants in order to bring freshness and rejuvenation to interior spaces.
j. We strive to creat transparancy to allow fussion of "in/out" relationship, between artificial and natural light
Hacohen Architects mission statement
הכהן  אדריכלות ועיצוב, קיסריה